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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - For our last 2 downloads I served some pretty heavy main courses. Today's selections are two short musical desserts. They are both choral performances. Yes, Ensemble Monterey is an orchestra, but I come by these honest, through familial relations. The first is called What's in it? It's from the musical Waitress by Sara Bareilles. As you will hear, It's a grocery list for cookies. The women here are from Cabrillo College's student-run ensemble, Il Dolce Suono. It is arranged and conducted here by Jorge Torrez. The second selection is genuine "old west." It's called the Ox Driver's Song and it's an old folk standard. Here is is sung by the group Voce Profunde, an annual gathering of men, conducted by Jussi Doherty.

Have a joyful (as best you can) and safe weekend. "See" you Monday!

Yours in Music - John Anderson