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Johannes Brahms was famously fearful of writing a symphony because he knew he would be compared to Beethoven, and who wants that? Before he wrote his First Symphony, 1n 1876, he wrote two orchestral serenades in order to hone his orchestration and compositional chops. Still afraid to take the plunge, he originally scored the First Serenade, Op. 11, for an ensemble of 9 instruments in 1858. Apparently satisfied with the nonet version, he scored the serenade for full orchestra in 1860. The original nonet manuscript of the first serenade did not survive, but has been re-scored for a typical nonet of the time by Alan Boustead. This is what we played in April 2018, and what is included here. This piece is retrospective, harkening back to the classical serenades of Mozart. Typically, serenades were entertainment music, ie. "light pops." Like Mozart, Brahms wrote his to a level of artistry far exceeding the "serenade" expectations.

Had enough history? OK - music nerd joke of the day: What blood disease did Brahms die of?

Answer - hemiola!

Until Friday - Yours in Music - John Anderson