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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Camille Saint-Saëns' Dance Macabre is a comic parody of the kind of supernatural tales which found their way into much music of the mid 19th Century. It begins with Concertmaster David Dally playing a mistuned (scordatura) violin playing a particularly irritating interval called a tritone. This particular combination of notes was avoided by medieval church composers because of its rumored ability to summon the devil. Dance Macabre tells the story of skeletons rising from their graves at midnight on Halloween night to dance wildly before the sun comes up. Your will hear the harp strike 12 times for midnight. You will hear a dance tune crafted out the the medieval chant for the burial of the dead. After some minutes of wild abandon you will hear the rooster crow at sunrise. Listen for the "awe shucks" chord just after the rooster. Whenever Halloween night falls on a Sunday we play one of our notorious Halloween concerts. This selection comes from Halloween, 2015. Beware! the next one comes on Halloween, 2021. Enjoy and be afraid!

Until Monday-
Yours in Music - John Anderson