Gerald Finzi's Eclogue for Piano and String Orchestra - Wednesday's Free Ensemble Monterey Download

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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - the English 20'th Century composer Gerald Finzi is acknowledged to be one of the most lyrically beautiful composers of the last century. A self acknowledged "amatuer" composer, he began work on a piano concerto in the 1920's. This work was never finished, but after his death in 1956 his publisher extracted two surviving moments for separate publication. Eclogue is the second, slow movement. The noun, eclogue, refers to an poetic style of dialogue. Finzi's Eclogue is a dialogue between the solo piano and string orchestra. It is a study in serenity and reflection. Our Piano Soloist for this 2001 performance was Melinda Coffey Armstead. Until Friday -

Yours in Music - John Anderson