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Dear Friends - As I thought about our situation these days I thought it would be nice to have some rain - for many reasons. That got me thinking about the depiction of storms in music. There are actually a lot of them, the most famous being in Vivaldi's Four Seasons. My favorite, however, is today's download, "He Gave Them Hailstones," from Handel's Israel in Egypt. Now I know it's about hail and not rain, and also it's one of the curses placed on Egypt for being bad guys in the story, but for me it's close enough. Handel is a supreme storyteller. At the beginning of this short piece you hear the faintest hint of rain, then all Handel breaks loose! You will definitely need your metaphorical umbrellas! Enjoy!

Once again, be sure and join us on the web on Sunday afternoon, October 25th at 3 PM, for a free live streamed concert from the Lester Family vineyards. It's our season opener, with more to come throughout 2021. Until Friday -

Yours in Music - John Anderson