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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Many of you know that we are privileged to have an Emmy-Award winning composer as a member of the Ensemble Monterey string section. Of course that's John Wineglass. John is well known as both an award winning composer and an extremely versatile performing musician. As a "classical" violist, John plays beautifully as a member of our orchestra and many others including the Monterey County Symphony. But John is also "killer" on a Hammond B3 and a Leslie. Blues and Gospel fans will know that this combination is the "Holy Grail" of jazz organs. There's none better at it than John.His Changing of Seasons started it's life as a string quartet and then became the string orchestra composition which we premiered in October, 2015. here's what John says about his piece:

Consisting of four precise movements, it eventually becomes evident that "Changing of Seasons" is titled in conjunction with the four seasons of the year (winter, spring, summer and fall respectively). From the virtuous and most basic forms of the 17th-18th century fugue and rondo (ABACADA) to the picturesque melody of the Romance, the movements not only represent the four seasons in form but four distinct periods of music with continuity uniting them all. Finally, after the last theme is introduced (a subtle reminiscence of the composer's visit to Edinburgh), a recapitulation of each previous style briefly occurs with the conclusion of the work following shortly thereafter.

Until Friday - Enjoy!

Yours in Music - John Anderson