Randall thompson's Suite for Flute, Clarinet and Viola - Friday's Free Ensemble Monterey Download

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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Randall thompson, 1899-1984, is remembered primarily as a choral composer. His most famous work,by far, is the choral Alleluia. His career was distinguished by Professorships at Wellesley College, Harvard, the Curtis Institute and the University of Virginia. Presumably this was not because of any inability to hold down a job. In addition to his many choral works there are 3 symphonies, operas and a few miniature instrumental works like today's Suite. He is also famous for eing Leonard Bernstein's teacher. His style speaks of Americana. In fact, Americana is the title of one of his song cycles.

We last performed this piece in 2009. If you like it, please mark your calendars on Sunday, Octobre 25 at 3 PM. We will be doing a live streamed concert, "Music from the Vineyard," which will include this Suite. It's free to everybody, so spread the word. Until Monday -

Yours in Music - John Anderson