Stephen Tosh - Trio Sonata for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

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Stephen Tosh was Ensemble Monterey's Composer in Residence for many years and was a good friend to every musician in the area. He was an incredibly versatile composer and brilliant pianist. We had the privilege of premiering 9 major works he composed. Here is Steve's bio and note for the Trio Sonata in his own words:
Stephen Tosh was born at 6:45 a.m. on January 2nd, 1949. His parents were both music lovers, sang in the church choir, and his father Robert Tosh was a fine trumpet player. Classical music was the main fare, but Stephen remembers seeing his parents cut a rug to Harry James records as well. Stephen took piano, organ, trumpet, pipe organ and viola lessons. He also studied voice with his organ teacher, Owen Brady. Stephen began his career as a boy soprano for U.C.L.A. Opera Workshop under Dr. Jan Popper. His first job was at 14 yrs. old as church organist. He soon showed interest and talent as an arranger/composer, and after studying with Malcolm Seagrave began composing serious classical works, many of which have been premiered locally. Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Western Stage, Pacific Repertory Theater, MPC Theater and Music depts. and Ensemble Monterey have contributed significantly to his career as a performed composer and music director.

Barbara, his wife, and Stephen enjoy semi-retirement [which means you work harder than you ever did before] at their home at Villa Del Monte, Seaside, overlooking beautiful Monterey Bay.
“Barbara and I were privileged from time to time to stay at a guest house in Bonny Doon that belonged to Pam Wyzga, a dear friend we met through Cheryl Anderson. It was while we enjoyed the idyllic environment, and Pam’s stories about France that this work was conceived, and why it is dedicated to her. As it progressed, it seemed to leave France and travel to America, where most of my works seem happy to reside. The last movement is a rag rondo, a form I’ve used since in Excursions for flute solo. As a severely trained classical musician, I was fortunate to also get to know many jazz creators; it is the amalgamation of these styles, and others, that have given me the passion to compose. It is institutions like Ensemble Monterey that allow people like myself to have any meaning in their lives, for without music, it’s a dark ride.” Stephen Tosh

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