Stephen Tosh's Concertino for Violin and Orchestra - Friday's Free Ensemble Monterey Download

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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Today's download is yet another of Steve Tosh's works we were honored to premiere. This in April, 2016. His Concertino is, as the name suggests, a small concerto for solo violin and orchestra. Creative orchestration was one of Steve's hallmark skills, and so the orchestra is very non-traditional, including tenor saxophone, multiple percussionists and a host of other miscellaneous instruments. The Violin Soloist is our own Concertmaster, David Dally. The Concertino is composed in the usual 3 movements but they are played one after another, connected without pause.

I need to tell you that Monday's download will be our last for little while. It will be everybody's favorite, George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with Lucy Faridany as soloist. This is because we are all busy getting ready for our season opening concert on Sunday, October 25th at 3 PM. It will be live streamed and free to everyone so spread the word. To join us digitally on the 25th, just go to our web site,

Until Monday - Yours in Music - John Anderson