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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - If you are looking for a burst of energy not from a drink, here it is! For many years we were privileged to have Stephen Tosh as our composer in residence, as well as his wife, constant helper and good spirit, Barbara. During this time we premiered many of his his works such as today's download, the Schertzando. Stephen's style was very distinctive. The fast sections were highly rhythmic, often irregular, angular and full of energy. The slow, more melodic themes were beautifully sensuous. The term scherzo was used by Beethoven to mean "joke." he used it to name his sped-up and energized symphonic movements that used to be the stately minuet. Steve uses it here the same way in his Schertzando. It's best to fasten your seat belt for this one. Until Monday - Enjoy and stay healthy!

Yours in Music - John Anderson