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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Happy Labor Day. Hopefully you have today off! I was saddened Saturday to learn of the death of the Rev. Dale Baker. Dale was a retired Methodist Minister whom my wife, Cheryl, and I came to know when Cheryl was the Choir Director at Carmel's Church of the Wayfarer. Dale sang in the tenor section and was a constant source of mischief and merriment during many years of rehearsal and performance. In fact, there eventually were three retired ministers in that group and they were the worst behaved and most fun of any of us.

Dale was a founding member of the Ensemble Monterey audience and a long-time supporter. At the end of every Monterey concert I could always look forward to Dale's enthusiasm and overflowing praise, whether I deserved it or not. This was true from our first concert in 1992 to the last one we performed last season. Dale was unfailingly kind, generous and just plain fun. Nobody could be sad for long if Dale was around. This recording is an from a performance of Handel's Messiah done by the Church of the Wayfarer Chancel Choir and an almost brand new Ensemble Monterey, almost 30 years ago. I choose it because Dale is singing his heart out, right here. I hope it will be a fitting tribute to a great man.

Once again,

Happy Labor Day to All - John Anderson