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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - By now most of you know that Stephen Tosh was our composer in residence until his passing, several years ago. In my view, one of his best works is his Piano Concerto, which we premiered in april, 2000, with Steve at the keyboard. We had the pleasure of repeating this piece in April, 2017. This is a virtuoso work for any pianist, and on this occasion the soloist is Ensemble Monterey's own Leah Zumberge.

In the three beautiful movements of the Piano Concerto you will both Steve and Leah at their very best.

Please don't forget to join us, live on line for Concert in the Vineyard, our season opener. It's on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 3 PM. I will send you the URL soon and it will also appear on our web site,, and in the media. It will be a concert of uplifting popular and classical favorites and it's free to everyone.
Until Wednesday -

Yours in Music - John Anderson