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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - Monday I jolted many of you into the 21st Century with Goreck's Little Requiem for a Polka. For those of you who need an antidote, here is Richard Wagner's Siedfried Idyll. If you are not familiar with Wagner, he was a German composer active in the mid 1800's. Wagner was an ardent Germanic nationalist and as much a philosopher as he was a composer. To put it mildly, he led a "colorful" life both personally and musically. His greatest achievement was the "Ring Cycle," a 4-opera long retelling of the teutonic creation myths. Wagner was one of those genuine characters around whom epic stories swirl.

This composition was a birthday surprise for his wife Cosima, and was named after their son. On Christmas morning, 1869, Wagner snuck a small group of musicians onto their home's staircase, and played the Idyll to awake Cosima. How romantic can you get! Wagner later used the themes in this piece for his opera, Siegfried, in 1876. We played the Idyll way back in 2002. If you need music to read your romance novel by, then this is your guilty pleasure!

Until Friday when I have some musical desert for you -

Yours in Music - John Anderson