Xochipilli, an imagined native music by Mexico's Carlos Chavez - Wednesday's Ensemble Monterey Free

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Dear Ensemble Monterey Friends - While me might be "classical" musicians at Ensemble Monterey we try hard not to be staid. To prove it here is "something completely different," as Monty Python used to say. Carlos Chavez was Mexico's leading composer of the Twentieth Century. A lot of his compositions are in what we could call a "20th Century" world-recognized style, meaning that he would be at home with most of the leading composers of the time. Sometimes, however, he would infuse his compositions with a indigenous "Mexican" style. Most notable of these is his very popular Sinfonia India, for large symphony orchestra.

Luckily for us, he also left us with a small-scale gem, Xochipilli. He called it "an imagined Indian music." It is written for a combination of modern instruments like piccolo, teamed with native instruments like conch shell and goat's hooves. The melodic and rhythmic content comes from his childhood memories of real indigenous peoples' music.

Warning: this music is not for the faint of heart. We played it in November, 2015, and most of the audience survived.

Enjoy! If this is too much for you don't worry. There will be an antidote Friday.

Your's in Music - John Anderson